Working Together

Each time that I have to meet new people, I want to really talk to them so they do not get the wrong impression about me. What I would say is, “Can you look past the surface to see the wonderful, beautiful me underneath?”

Talking to someone new is always wonderful, but intimidating too. Some people are interested in trying to get to know the real gifts I have to share. Others find it hard to see that potential. There is hard thinking in each one of us. When we choose to open our hearts, we all benefit.

I had the opportunity to speak, together with my friend Noah, this past weekend, to a group of people that were so great. I think that strong work will very often lead to great outcomes. I want to thank everyone that attended. I think that it was the beauty of the strong, heartfelt friendships that made it extra special.

Without amazing opportunities to share ideas, we are lost in our own worlds. We each have the spirit of working together inside us. We can have a huge impact on the lives of others. However, love must always lead the way. There is love pouring out of my soul towards the people who have locked their love away. I need a lot of people to stop making the mistake of locking their love away. This will make the world a better place for all of us.

I want to talk to more people that might be doing work towards changing hearts and minds. My goal is to do more towards creating understanding between non speaking autistics and those who educate them.

Photo courtesy of Ashlee Kappel Photography