Making Resolutions Towards Life

Making your many New Years resolutions takes a lot of thought. I put a lot of thought into my resolutions for this year. Take some time to write your resolutions down. This wants to go to really have an impact on you.

Many resolutions are kind of things that are personal. Many resolutions get thrown out when life gets busy. The saving hard fact in my life is that life is many challenging moments put together into days, weeks, months and years. Making resolutions is maybe the saving thing in my life because they give many many thoughts direction.

Talking more with my mouth is my biggest resolution this year. I want to rally my brain going together with my body. I really have to work hard. I want to make a life that is livable and full of the things all twelve year olds want for themselves.

I am always making some resolutions to go to school. I want to go to a secondary school that will make me feel challenged. Right now I do not like being home schooled because many of the living opportunities are missing. Having this change this year would be great!

Outsiders think that I am a very simple minded person but in reality I am so beautifully intelligent. I want to be able to show this to others.

3 thoughts on “Making Resolutions Towards Life”

  1. Wonderful resolutions G! I believe in you and know you are capable of so much! I am proud of you for striving to get more words out of your mouth. Your determination is inspirational! I hope you can find the path of education and you are seeking. You deserve it. I do have one question though…. where is your swimming resolution??? Haha. Just kidding! See you at the pool pretty lady! Happy New Year!

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