To Dare To Believe



Sometimes having autism is beautiful and sometimes it is awful. Autistics are caring and hard working kinds of people and are trying to get the respect they deserve.

Sharing my story is not easy for me because I was silent for many years.

Silence was good in some weary ways. I was able to get good at listening and was able to get good at determining my response to conversations being held around me.

Staying silent would have been awful. can you imagine never being able to say really important things? Being unable to speak as an autistic is awful because many think you form no opinions or have any thoughts.

Staying silent would have been awful in another way. Calling non speaking autistics retarded is quite common but we are so intelligent and have no way to get it out.

Many times I have thought about my life as a beautiful sad non speaking girl and feel that something strong and amazing is going to happen in my life . Autistics have much to offer the world and want to get some acceptance and really want to be truly included or asked to be part of the world.

The really important thing people must understand, teachers especially, is that really the problem is our bodies and not our minds.



One thought on “To Dare To Believe”

  1. Graciela, words cannot describe how proud I am of you. Keep sharing, showing, and telling the world. Use your gift…your VOICE.
    Always be proud of who you are. You are a BLESSING.

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