Taking the World by Storm


Weary and exhausted by my autism each day.

Autism is not going to step in my way.

Each second the autistic mind hungers for more.

I am never going to let them close the intelligence door.

Raging and trapped like a prisoner in her cell.

Then suddenly I was able to spell.

The loneliness diminished

Faded into the abyss of troubles past.

An amazing adventure racing toward me at last.

People talk about me behind my back.

Wondering the entire time if it’s intelligence I lack.

I want to scream, “You hard nosed imbeciles.”

Then I tell myself, “Justice takes a while.”

Can I make my way with the thinking that prevails today?

This is what I want to say:

Imbeciles are like lovers in the dark,

but I will not let them steal my passion and my spark.

I am the girl who will put others to their best and show them who is the queen.

My work will have an impact like no one has ever seen.

Work and play are both so tough for me,

but I will find my way to the light in the awesome knowledge sea.

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