Having the Life and Love of Non-Speaking Autistics in Your Hands

All of these days since the bad days at my old school have been challenging.

It was awesome to be in the school. However, I did not have the support I need.

Autistics are massively tuned in to many sensations and can get a lot of information from their environment and from feeling how amazing or awful the energy is in the environment.

At my old school the environment during the school days was not great for my body because it seemed tense and felt controlling.

I wanted amazing and beautiful things to happen there, but it made me sad to be in a place that did not know how to support me. It is awful to feel alone in the world, especially without being able to speak up for oneself.

I want to encourage teachers who work doing hard work day in and day out with students, to be mindful of making it challenging academically while also doing as much as possible to support their students bodies.

I want to be at a school that can get my academic needs and have more compassion for my body. I have not formulated the secret to my success in school yet, but the only amazing person who has had to make the hard decisions around my education is my mom who is always fighting to find a way for me to make a difference.

Many autistics who are non speaking do not get the education they deserve because having no tool to be able to access to demonstrate their understanding leaves them with no way to show knowledge. I was always misunderstood.

Daring to believe in your autistic and non-speaking students is hard to do, but it is absolutely necessary.

Make my day and listen to me please!

Putting your fears to the side, each day is an opportunity. Believe in what I am asking of you and it will let you feel the kindness of one another. You are the only one with the power to change your thinking and make a stand for non-speaking autistics everywhere.

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