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Autism is a gift that is often left unwrapped. Fortunately this gift of mine was opened through RPM this past year. This year has been a year of gifts. I hope my story is an inspiration to others.

Finding RPM was the best thing that ever happened to me. I gave this a lot of thought. Making strides towards communication has always been a goal of mine. Learning to get on the letterboards made stories largely come alive for me and allowed me to better access the amazing world around me.

Play based learning made up most of my learning for many years. I missed out on the academics that my mind could play with and felt retarded and stuck and always left alone to learn things on my own.

Making a lot of random discoveries kept my mind engaged in this world. The other thing that really helped a lot was playing with friends and playing with my sister. Getting these opportunities made a huge difference.

Learning to do RPM has given me a voice. I dare you to listen. Keep reading this blog to learn more and to have your preconceived notions about non verbal autistics shattered. Learning to listen to my voice was hard for some in the beginning but they made changes that were important and are now listening and learning. Learning to make listening a priority will always be worth your time and energy.

All questions you have for me are welcome.

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  1. I am ready to listen and learn. I am so excited that you have your own blog and am looking forward to all that you have to share. Go Graciela!

  2. Way to go G!! You have inspired so many of us… parents, professionals, educators… and I know I am ONE of many who are so grateful to have you as part of my life! I will be listening to your words for the rest of my life girlie! I can’t wait to continue reading and passing along your New Blog!!

  3. Your voice is strong and clear. It is such a pleasure to hear what you have to say. I look forward to listening to you and all of your thoughtful ideas and reflections. You are changing the world and I’m promi to know you.

  4. Graciela,
    You had me interested from your first amazing sentence. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and making me aware of this incredible world of RPM! Your mom told me how hard you worked and how you edited your blog until you were happy with it…that’s what the great writers do – write and rewrite! I can’t wait to read and learn more from you.

  5. Graciela,

    I’m happy to say your extended family is listening…can’t wait to learn more….love the url of the blog…grabs your attention..

  6. Wishing you lots of success Gabriella and excited to learn more as we work with our son (13) and helping him get open ended communication with him. Right now he’s doing academic lessons and making choices very well, but not alot of open communication – any advice? Also he’s working with multiple people at the same time – do you think that might be harder for him (mom, dad, his tutor).

  7. Hi Graciela,

    I am so impressed that you created a blog to share your thoughts and ideas! I look forward to listening to more of your thoughts. way to go!

  8. I am so excited to see your first BLOG post! You have so much wisdom to impart and I’m sure many interesting stories will be forthcoming. Reece will be excited to see you have taken this step – I can’t wait to share this BLOG with him!

  9. Graciela, I was hooked on YOUR voice when I heard about you from Reece’s mom…long before I met you in person! When I finally got a chance to meet “the 12 year-old girl who is MIT bound” it was nothing short of amazing for the rest of the summer. You are one MEANINGFUL girl who I feel very blessed to have crossed paths with. And know this, I have no intentions of getting off the trail! You and your fellow Atlanta RPM’ers have humbled me, inspired me, taught me (lots of new words I’ve never even heard before!) and absolutely gave me THE BEST SUMMER EVER! As long as you’re talking…I’m listening!

  10. Hi. i LOVE hearing your voice! Thank You! All the blogs i follow of people who have found RPM as their way to get their voice out, has given me so much encouragement that my son will also learn to use RPM one day. he’s 7. We are at the beginning stages. Keep sharing! We are listening!

  11. A reader posted a question to Graciela via FB. The question was the following: Graciela- you say that playing with friends was helpful for you. My son seems to run from social situations likely because of anxiety but it is hard to get him to participate. How do you suggest we help him play? In the past we have assumed he was not interested. Thanks!

    Here is Graciela’s reply:
    Beth and all other parents,
    Gave this kind of question a lot of thought and have some answers for you and other parents. Learning to play with other kids is so important. However some find it overwhelming to play in a typical way. learning to understand social cues is necessary for autistics.

    So important to respect some needs of the child. Feelings are very social but the childs body behaves in a way that keeps him or her from getting together with others. The child wants to be together but his or her body keeps him or her away.

    Very important to let the child have opportunities to socialize with amazing really friendly loving friends. Have you forged relationships with others who accept your child as is? This is so important for socializing. Finding the right friends is key to starting the process towards socialization. To help really autistic learning please model the social skills that you prefer your child to learn.

  12. Graciela,
    I am so inspired by you and so proud of you for who you are and what you are doing. You are an excellent writer with a beautiful heart and mind, and you have so much wisdom to share. Now you can share with people all over the world through this blog. This is so wonderful!

  13. Graciela – I am, as always, very proud of you. Your first post is beautifully written and inspiring. I am looking forward to more and I’ll continue to share with others so they can also learn from you. Much love, Cuz 🙂

  14. Graciela,
    I am learning so much from this, please keep them coming!
    So proud of you! Thank you
    John Paul’s Mom:)

  15. Graciela I am oh so humbled & inspired by your candor, wisdom, passion, & compassion. It is high time that us “neurotypicals” stop talking over you Autistics & start talking to you & most importantly start listening….you & your Mom are heroes to me & Noah as we have begun to follow our own miraculous RPM journey!!! Thank you for blazing the trail-keep walking it & talking it!

  16. Graciella,
    I loved reading your blog! It truly brought me to tears. My son Cole is in music theater with you. He is fairly new to RPM. We started this summer. It is the most wonderful thing that has ever happened to us. I hope that you and Cole can become friends and share your gifts together❤️

  17. Dear Graciela, you are a delight with a unique voice! I am so pleased to have met you at Autcom in NH and hope to hear lots more from you as you continue your adventures in communication. Thank you for your blog!

  18. Learning to make listening a priority will always be worth your time and energy…..Indeed !! So well said, thank you for sharing so looking forward your insights G. This helps me so much reading your thoughts to help my daughter learn & embrace RPM . Thank you, thank you, thank you! Blessed by you & may you be blessed to share yourself, smiling all the way from Down Under xox

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