All About Me

Autism is a gift that is often left unwrapped. Fortunately this gift of mine was opened through RPM this past year. This year has been a year of gifts. I hope my story is an inspiration to others.

Finding RPM was the best thing that ever happened to me. I gave this a lot of thought. Making strides towards communication has always been a goal of mine. Learning to get on the letterboards made stories largely come alive for me and allowed me to better access the amazing world around me.

Play based learning made up most of my learning for many years. I missed out on the academics that my mind could play with and felt retarded and stuck and always left alone to learn things on my own.

Making a lot of random discoveries kept my mind engaged in this world. The other thing that really helped a lot was playing with friends and playing with my sister. Getting these opportunities made a huge difference.

Learning to do RPM has given me a voice. I dare you to listen. Keep reading this blog to learn more and to have your preconceived notions about non verbal autistics shattered. Learning to listen to my voice was hard for some in the beginning but they made changes that were important and are now listening and learning. Learning to make listening a priority will always be worth your time and energy.

All questions you have for me are welcome.