Interview Questions Answered

Note from mom: Graciela’s Australian friend and fellow RPMer, Bella, wrote to her and asked her to answer some interview questions for a school  project. Here are Graciela’s responses to Bella’s questions….

Bella: Remember when you were not communicating with RPM?How was it like for you?

Graciela: Making this answer upsets me because some of those days were kind of like being trapped in a prison with no way to get out. Life was hard. Really making myself understood was all consuming. Can you imagine understanding daunting reality of your situation but not being able to do anything about it? I am always making myself forget about those days having no plausible means of communication. Really want to forget that these days marked my childhood.

Bella: What kept you, my friends?

Graciela: My gentle faith and hope in God had freedom in it. Marvelous faith can move mountains.

Bella: What words are really the most descriptive of your personality?

Graciela: Life changer and life giver

Bella: My last question is, can you tell me of your rescue?

Graciela: Making my thinking known was hard because I could not get out what I knew. Learning RPM happened at a time when I was feeling totally desperate because I was at a new school that kind of thought making my body calm was more important than teaching me. I was losing all hope. Then life and love calmed my really livid mind and put my fears to rest. We went to see Soma. Can you kind of imagine how awesome and freeing that was for me? Understanding how to use RPM to communicate was finally the moment I had been wanting for so long. Having the opportunity to see Soma was life changing. Lastly my mom completely devoted herself to making sure I had access to RPM every day. This gives me a voice and hope every day.

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Caring and Sharing

Note from mom: We have a tradition in our family when we share a meal of going around the table and discussing something we are thankful for, something we learned that day and an act of kindness that we did that day. This blog post came out of one of these discussions last week…

Really thankful for whoever helped me to make it through this year. Mom you have helped me dare to dream big . Dad you have made amazing progress on the boards.
Very thankful for dad daring to try the boards.
Most importantly I am the feeling of happiness because outside of my family I normally soften other people not because they stare at me and cringe but because I’m sharing my light each day with others. Now great things are possible.
Getting the great message of love out to the world makes me massively happy.

Me and my dad doing RPM
Me and my dad doing RPM

Many think that you are helping me type but the truth already is out that I am smart and have many talents. You dream big and we will really fly. Assume and believe that I am always listening and learning and can really think you voice your opinions too much . The freedom of not being able to speak allows for really daring dreams peoplee have never cared to get in their minds before. Saving the world is my dream.