Careless Body and Brilliant Mind Trapped Together: A Parable


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One day a happy and beautiful couple found out they were having a baby. Talking to the baby was part of their daily routine.

Life changed after the baby arrived. The baby life was hard on the couple. People made comments about the baby’s development and the couple grew concerned.

Wanting to make the baby as normal as possible the mom started talking to many therapists and doctors. They gave her a lot of advice for the baby.

The mom and dad made many sacrifices for the baby. They appeared to always have everything under control but at home they let the truth out. They were both afraid for the alternate path of the baby. But they kept putting one foot going forward.

Years passed and the baby became a beautiful girl. Then the couple decided to make a major life change and move to Georgia. People thought they were crazy. The girl thought so too.

From the girl’s perspective the couple had made a major mistake that would make her life even harder because she was brilliant but no one could see this because her body is so hard to control.

Then an amazing life changing event happened. The girl found a way to express herself and all of the brilliance was able to come out.

People now respect the girl for her intelligence.

Many people still need to understand that a lot of kids like the girl have so much intelligence that is trapped in an uncooperative and hard to control body. They must be given the gift of communication.

4 thoughts on “Careless Body and Brilliant Mind Trapped Together: A Parable”

  1. I loved this piece, it was so well written! I am so touched and inspired to write my own piece. You are too cool my RPMing bestie.

  2. I haven’t met you yet! However, I truly look forward to meeting you. You sound so amazing and dedicated. Loved reading your blog. RPMing is so cool! ??

    Chelsie Madiedo

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